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Tourism in Saint-Malo, Brittany

Considered as a jewel of Brittany, Saint-Malo is an exceptional and attractive tourist destination.

Saint-Malo is one of the most visited spots in Europe. Its views and its history full of adventures represent an irresistible attraction.

The golden past of the city was built by great historical figures. Surcouf, Jacques Cartier and Duguay Trouin, among others, were born under the protection of the fortified town before writing some famous pages of the history of French navigation. Saint-Malo was also the birthplace of Chateaubriand, well-known figure of French literature.

The Corsair city is proudly erected on the rock, against all odds, braving winds and tides. A walk on the walls that surround the town and allow you to admire the exceptional views of Saint-Malo bay and of the Emerald Coast is a real must.

A few suggestions

The nearby region of Haute Bretagne has also a wide range of attractions that are really worth visiting. Come and discover them!

  • Dinard, the coastal resort known for its British charm, its scheduled villas and its walks along the seaside, linked to Saint-Malo by a 10-minute bus that crosses the estuary of the Rance river.
  • Dinan, a beautiful medieval town at the edge of the Rance river.
  • Cancale, a town known for its fishing port and its oysters.
  • Mont Saint-Michel, considered as the 8th Wonder of the World.

Important international events set on the Emerald Coast:

  • The Route du Rhum sailing race, that takes place every four years, from Saint-Malo to Guadeloupe.
  • Quai des Bulles, an important comics festival.
  • Étonnants Voyageurs, an international festival for books and films lovers.
  • Jumping International of Dinard, a famous equestrian event.

The staff of Hôtel San Pedro will be pleased to provide you further information about those walks and sites and many other activities that are really worth the trip.

In order to plan your visit, we recommend that you download the Toursime Saint Malo mobile application.

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