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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms have sea views?

We have two rooms with sea views. You can check their prices on our rates page.

Do you have single rooms?

All rooms are equipped with large beds and can be occupied by one or two people. The rates are different in each case.

Do you have rooms with separate beds?

Yes, we have four rooms with twin beds.

What is the area of the rooms in m² ?

The area of the rooms is around 10 m². Why not visit the hotel to have a look?

How many floors are there in the hotel? Is there a lift?

The hotel has four floors served by a lift.

Are there wardrobes for storage in the rooms?

There are no wardrobes but there is suitable storage in the rooms (shelves, hangers, etc.).

How are the rooms equipped?

The rooms are equipped with TV, shower, WC and hairdryer.

Do you have free Wi-Fi access?

Yes, we have free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel (reception and rooms).

Can I smoke in the rooms?

No. The hotel is non-smoking.

Do you have a lounge?

The hotel has a lounge on the ground floor. You can visit the hotel to have a look at it.

Do you serve meals or dinners?

We don't serve meals except for breakfast.

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served from 8 to 10.30am. You will be offered various dishes and home-made products every day.

What other services or activities do you offer?

Although the hotel does not directly offer services and activities, it is able to advise you depending on your interests and expectations throughout your stay.

Do you have a garage or reserved parking spaces?

The hotel has locked garages costing 10 euros for 24 hours. We also have a motorcycle garage and a bicycle garage. You can check the prices on the rates page.

Do you lend bikes?

Yes, we offer bike loans.

Can I smoke in the hotel?

No. The hotel is non-smoking.

What time are the rooms ready?

The rooms are ready between 12 noon and 1pm, depending on departures.

Do you have left luggage lockers?

You can leave luggage at reception.

What time does reception close?

Reception closes at 8pm but you can arrive at any time with an access code.

What is the latest I can check in for a room?

You can check in until 10pm.

When is the telephone switchboard open?

The telephone switchboard is always open.